Mental Sweets 1

Mental Sweets 1 is a book written for the mentalism community that comprises three chapters:

  • The first chapter is dedicated to four effects that all use billets. Switch aficionados will find there many opportunities to satisfy their curiosity and some interesting variations on famous mentalism routines, such as the Q&A or Fourth Dimensional Telepathy.
  • The second chapter deals with experiments that have nothing to do with billets. This part will cover such concepts as psychological forces, pumping, dual reality, to name a few. The three effects that are fully explained will allow the mentalist to read thoughts that have NOT been written anywhere, and they are based on different principles each time.
  • The last chapter shares some of the principles and ideas that led us to the effects described earlier in the book. For example, the reader will understand why we tend to favor switches over the center tear, or how we design a pumping sequence.

All the effects described in Mental Sweets 1 have been performed many, many times by the authors (Fabien ARCOLE and Eric BERTRAND) in various settings, from one-to-one performances to stage shows for large and paying audiences. This is not « armchair mentalism » but a collection of routines that have been audience-tested.

Perfect-bound paperback, 156 pages printed in full colour, 6×9 inches.


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mental sweets mentalism book fabien arcole eric bertrand mentalist secrets

Table of contents



  • Hollywood Q&A
  • Hollywood 4DT
  • Name/Place No Tear
  • ESP Chairs


  • ThemObject
  • Blue Suede Shoes
  • Orsay
  • Understanding and interpreting Zener symbols


  • Thoughts on billets
  • Thoughts on Fourth Dimensional Telepathy
  • EB Center Tear
  • Connecting with the audience
  • Thoughts about pumping


Mental Sweets 1 mentalism book Fabien ARCOLE Eric BERTRAND

What they say about « Mental Sweets 1 »




This is a book of STRONG, solid mentalism. There are NO pipe dreams or dubious methods, just rock solid, corner stone techniques, that get the job done in an efficient manner. This is my type of book…I hope it’s yours too.

Julien LOSA


A very good book with nice ideas, beautiful thoughts, revisited classics and … BILLETS!!!

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